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2913: Bon Appétit w/ J.P. McDade

J.P. in Chemda’s DMs; MoviePass; Keith reviews Mission: Impossible – Fallout; Ving Rhames held at gunpoint by cops; doctors, firemen, postal workers, and teachers behaving badly; Keith vs. People Who Leave Movies Early August 1, 2018

Show Notes

  • — From The J.P. McDade Fan Page: We have J.P. McDade in studio explaining why somebody posing as him is sliding into Chemda’s DMs on Instagram
  • — I Love Leaving Places: J.P. doesn’t use MoviePass, and he sees that he was right that it was too good to be true. Keith doesn’t understand why anyone still wouldn’t sign up to it, claiming it’s still amazing.
  • — Against All Odds: Keith, who is not a fan of the Mission: Impossible series (yet saw every movie), reviews Mission: Impossible 6 – Fallout
  • — This Thief Has The Keys: Actor Ving Rhames was held at gunpoint by the police in his own house because he was reported as breaking and entering
  • — I’ll Take It From Here: The Journal of General Internal Medicine reports that physicians spend, on average, 11 seconds listening to patients describe their symptoms before interrupting them
  • — You’re Hired!: Joseph Cassano was given a job as an NYC firefighter despite constantly tweeting racist rhetoric when he was an EMT. He recently defecated drunk in a stranger’s back yard and on their personal property.
  • — Yoink: A Canadian post delivery worker was caught stealing the tomatoes and strawberries off of a resident’s property
  • — I Have A Question: High school Queens teacher Farzad Ghelichkhani was caught in a classroom with the door locked, lights off, and a girl student between his legs. He was given a warning not to do it again.
  • — Your Shit World: Keith responds to the forums comments from listeners who claim to understand why people leave movies they love early while giving no explanation


J.P. McDadeJ.P. McDade

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