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2923: The Case for Christ w/ Kyle Thompson

Bike culture; Chemda's 2 Star home review; The Case for Christ movie reviewed; Kyle's sexually predatory father figure; in-church credit card readers; crying Virgin Mary statues August 15, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Cowboy Kyle: We have KATG classic Kyle Thompson in studio talking about his wild and crazy NYC life
  • — Brain’s A Little Soupy: Kyle recounts the various insane biking accidents he has gotten into
  • — If It’s Hysterical, It’s Historical: Chemda received a poor rating for the cleanliness of her apartment on a house swap website and was very hurt by it
  • — God Made Me: Keith explains the laughable plot of the movie based on the book his dad gave to him: Lee Strobel's The Case for Christ
  • — Everything Can Be Explained: Kyle comes out with a harrowing story about his stepfather that he considered Dad who revealed that he was a sexual predator and most definitely a pedophile. Kyle discusses how his family was abused and gaslit and how they are recovering from it.
  • — ATM Prayer Break: Thousands of churches across the world are now using portable card readers, apps, or in-church kiosks to collect credit card information. Donations are now averaging up to 6 times higher than previous cash donations.
  • — Extra Virgin: It has been found that the tears of a weeping Virgin Mary statue in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in New Mexico was actually olive oil


Kyle ThompsonKyle Thompson

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