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2926: The Father, the Son, and Some Weird Bird w/ Andrea Allan

Dad Alec Baldwin falls for daughter Ireland's thirst trap; Keith vs. a Catholic Church apologist; Keith debates visiting his parents; Keith's brother can have immediate multiple orgasms with ejaculation; politician Bettie Cook Scott publicly referred to her Asian opponent as a ching chong, The Mormon Church's name change August 21, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Resident Millennial: We have Andrea Allan in studio to give her take on Alec Baldwin and Josh Brolin’s comments on Ireland Baldwin’s sexy Instagram post
  • — Dear KATG: Keith reads a letter from listener Mark Mulroney who is displeased with Keith's anger at the Catholic Church's pedophilia scandals
  • — Needs To Make Sense: Keith is debating going home to visit his family with his girlfriend. The gang discusses Keith’s family dynamic/history, the pressure to go to church, and Keith’s brother's outlandish claims about being able to cum as often as a woman
  • — You’re Fired: President Trump tweeted that a tape of him using the N-word on The Apprentice doesn't exist because he checked
  • — Asian American: Detroit politician Bettie Cook Scott referred to her opponent Stephanie Chang as a “ching chang” and Asian people as “the ching congs,” and then she issued a public apology that everybody knows she doesn't mean
  • — Rebranding: The Mormon Church no longer wants to be referred to by that name


Andrea AllanAndrea Allan

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