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2930: Beta Blockers w/ Harry Terjanian

Chemda vs. Harry; Harry's relationship juggling; rape fantasies and S&M gear to-go; get $500 by helping cops arrest people; man leaves loaded gun in NYC hotel August 28, 2018

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Show Notes

  • — In Possession Of His Balls: We have Harry Terjanian in studio getting bullied by Chemda. Keith is joined by Andrea Allan to analyze their relationship dynamic.
  • — Casanova: Harry is still in a long-distance relationship with the woman living in Turkey, though he is also in several other non-monogamous relationships
  • — To-Go Bag: Harry hooks up with women from fetish websites. When he meets up, he often brings a special duffel bag filled with S&M gear.
  • — The Opposite Of Vanilla: Harry has acted out rape fantasies at women’s requests
  • — Real Maroons: A major NYC police union wants to turn civilians into vigilantes-for-hire by offering $500 to any civilian who takes it upon themselves to help cops wrestle down suspects who are resisting arrest
  • — People Kill People: Shlomo Widder, a Virginia plastic surgeon, left a loaded handgun in his room at the Times Square Marriott


Harry Terjanian
Harry Terjanian
"One is my hockey equipment. The other is my bag of sex toys."
"One is my hockey equipment. The other is my bag of sex toys."
Shlomo Widder
Shlomo Widder
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