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2929: Fluid Bonding w/ Billy Procida and Andrea Allan

Freaky sex, sex parties, and character flaws; people hearing themselves talked about on podcasts August 27, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Saving Pegging For Marriage: We have sexual animal Billy Procida in studio explaining what sexual acts he has yet to do and why
  • — Ass Bonding: Billy teaching us new sexual slang and recounts his experience having an online stranger shove dildos up his ass
  • — Only Order Sprite: Billy took a new partner on a date to a sex party and ran into his ex-girlfriend
  • — Can I Have My Lawyer?: Andrea Allan comes on mic to give her opinion on what Billy's exes find his biggest character flaw is
  • — Pretending You Are Mature: The gang discusses the dangers of having romantic partners and exes who listen to them on podcasts
  • — Fanwhore: Billy had a weekend of shows and events with his listeners, and he recounts his sexual encounters with his fans

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