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2932: Relationship Escalator w/ Carmen Lagala

Location dyslexia; not living with your lover; Keith's knee pain and the opioid epidemic; hospital security guard has sex with corpse; Carmen's dad's 3 marriages; reading negative comments; male multiple ejaculatory orgasms September 3, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Risk Taker: Carmen Lagala is in studio explaining her dyslexia and how it affects her from ever showing up at the right place
  • — Going Up?: Carmen dates fellow comedian Sam Evans. Andrea Allan comes on mic to agree with Carmen's thoughts about how people don't necessarily want to live in the same building as their lover.
  • — Does Anybody Have Good Knees?: Keith’s knee pain flared up, and the gang discusses Vicodin, the opioid epidemic, and what prescription pills cost on the street
  • — Did He Make Her Cum?: Cameron Wright, a 23-year-old Memphis man, was arrested for having sex with a corpse that was in the hospital where he worked as a security guard
  • — Third Time’s The Charm: Carmen’s father has been married 3 times to 3 different women
  • — Get On The Blogs: Carmen made her network television debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, read the negative comments, and got invested in commenters' lives
  • — Penis Dry-Heave: 5 listeners with penises confirmed that they have multiple ejaculatory orgasms in succession with no refractory period in between


Carmen LagalaCarmen Lagala

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