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2934: Amor, Risas, y Pablo Escobar w/ Luisa Díez

Comedy in different cities; working for Pablo Escobar; having 3 husbands, all dead; IDing bodies for the 9/11 Museum; dating strategies and negotiating boundaries September 5, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Comedy: We have Luisa Díez in studio explaining what it’s like to navigate the comedy scene as a taste-maker
  • — Do The Work: Luisa explains her views of comedians in different cities
  • — Narcos: Luisa’s father was Pablo Escobar's business partner and was killed by an uncle in a rival cartel. Her mom had 3 husbands, all of which had died. She recounts her unusual childhood and reflects on how it's shaped her.
  • — Persistent Existential Anxiety: Luisa was the head of the Memorial Exhibit at the 9/11 Museum where she would ID the dead
  • — Good, Giving, Game: Luisa explains her dating strategies and how she negotiates her boundaries with potential sexual partners


Luisa DíezLuisa Díez

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