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2944: Keith Goes to the Ballet w/ Bryan McKenna

Gilbert Gottfried's roast; cocaine in Catholic school; congressman Paul Gosar's family votes for his opponent; Myq Kaplan's Yom Kippur mass email; Bert and Ernie; Cleveland Browns' win; ballet; FREE Solo; Chemda's bodega guy/blunt wrap supplier September 23, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Not Ryan Reynolds: We have Bryan McKenna in studio recounting when Gilbert Gottfried roasted him
  • — Acting Like A Grown-Up: Bryan recounts seeing fellow Catholic school students openly doing cocaine
  • — Family Support: 6 siblings of Arizona congressman Paul Gosar are part of an ad publicly shaming him for being a racist. All 6 support his opponent David Brill.
  • — Undisclosed Recipients: Keith reads a mass email that Myq Kaplan sent out on Yom Kippur to see if he owes anyone apologies
  • — Are They Comedians?: 78% of listeners believe that puppets Bert and Ernie are a gay couple
  • — Finally!: The Cleveland Browns won their first football game in 635 days
  • — Fancy: Keith discusses his trip to the ballet
  • — Cliffhanger: The gang discusses the new documentary Free Solo about climber Alex Honnold’s bid to scale a 3,000-foot tall mountain in Yosemite with no safety gear
  • — Are We Still On?: Chemda recounts her shady interactions with her bodega guy/blunt wrap supplier


Bryan McKennaBryan McKenna

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