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2945: Infighting w/ Luke Touma

Janeane Garofalo and Ted Alexandro on Louis C.K.; Patty Hearst's defense of Chris Hardwick; hecklers; mens' pressure to fight; Batman's penis; man threatens to kill 11-year-old over Fortnite; Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper released; How To Murder Your Husband author murders husband; fixing men September 24, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Too Many Cooks: We have Luke Touma in studio, who hosts a fantastic weekly comedy show. The gang discusses his recent show where comics Janeane Garofalo and Ted Alexandro talked about Louis C.K.
  • — Why Don’t You Leave?: Patty Hearst, of all people, publicly defended her son-in-law Chris Hardwick asking why Chloe Dykstra didn't simply leave an abusive relationship
  • — Actually...: Luke discusses the different types of hecklers that come to comedy shows. Luke’s mother, a judge, publicly threatened a heckler with death.
  • — Fight Or Flight: Luke and Keith discuss the pressure to fight and defend people as a man
  • — Rated R: DC Comics has a come out with a new genre for mature readers which includes Batman: Damned which features the superhero's penis
  • — Classic Long Island: 45-year-old Long Island gamer Michael Aliperti threatened to kill an 11-year-old child who beat him in the video game Fortnite. He was charged with aggravated harassment and acting in a manner to injure a child.
  • — Bad Girls Club: Wanda Barzee, the woman who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart and encouraged her husband to rape the 14-year-old girl daily for 9 months, was released from prison after 15 years. Meanwhile, Nancy Crampton Brophy, 68, known for self-publishing the book How To Murder Your Husband, was arrested for killing her husband of 27 years.
  • — Fixers: The gang discusses women who deliberately date men that they want to fix


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