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2954: Venom w/ Hannah Boone

New Orleans; unwanted house guests; a history of drugs; Banksy's self-shredding art; Venom and A Star Is Born reviewed October 9, 2018

Show Notes

  • — House Of The Rising Sun: We have Hannah Boone in studio recounting her recent trip to New Orleans
  • — Out Of Work Clown: The gang discusses being house guests in people’s disgusting homes and how to kick out guests who've worn out their welcome
  • — Poppin': Hannah recounts her history with drugs
  • — Jackass For Rich People: A Banksy painting, the iconic image of a girl reaching out for a heart-shaped red balloon, sold for $1,400,000. Moments later, a shredder hidden inside the art's frame turned on and shredded the enclosed.
  • — You Manage A Gym Without Me: As Keith predicted, him and his girlfriend didn’t get to see Fahrenheit 11/9. He reviews Venom and A Star Is Born.


Hannah BooneHannah Boone

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