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2957: You Are w/ Jessie Jolles

Dating; your technology shamelessly spying on you; edibles and weddings; Google Street View busts cheating wife; 2-year-old shreds $1,060 cash; Melania Trump's most recent interview; 2 adults rape 9-month-old; 129-year-old woman says she never lived a happy day October 14, 2018

Show Notes

  • — We’re Good, Right?: We have Jessie Jolles in studio discussing the dating life
  • — Big Brother: Keith received an email from Groupon after he went out for dinner telling him that he could have gotten a discount at that specific restaurant. Meanwhile, 90-year-old Tony Aiello was accused of murdering his stepdaughter, which he denied until Fitbit called him out.
  • — Where Are We?: Jessie recounts her experience taking multiple edibles at a wedding
  • — Down In The Park: A husband in Lima, Peru was on Google Street View when he found an image of his wife sitting on a bench with another man’s head in her lap having an affair
  • — Whoops!: Ben and Jackee Belnap taught their 2-year-old kid to shred junk mail. Later, the kid shredded an envelope with $1,060 in cash in it.
  • — I Really Don’t Care, Do U?: The gang discusses Melania Trump’s most recent interview regarding her cheating husband and her being the most bullied person in the world
  • — Death: 2 Tennessee men, Isiah Dequan Hayes and Daireus Jumare Ice, raped a 9-month-old girl and filmed the attack
  • — Where Is My Cancer Already?: A 129-year-old woman has been dubbed the world's oldest and most miserable person. She says she hasn’t lived a single happy day in her life


Jessie JollesJessie Jolles

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