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2958: Golf? feat. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson w/ J.P. McDade

Tall people; Overwatch porn and steamy scenes; roast battles and feelings; roommates; ghosting; Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson split; death on the set of Mister Rogers biopic; golfer explodes spectator's eye; cop makes gunshot noises with his mouth to capture criminal October 15, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Ceiling Dweller: J.P. McDade is in studio helping the gang reach stuff
  • — Monk: The gang discusses Overwatch porn and steamy scenes in movies
  • — Cold As Ice: J.P. discusses the hurt feelings of comedians performing in roast battles
  • — Perfect Strangers: The gang discusses knowing and not knowing your roommates
  • — Fizzling: J.P. has not been in a serious relationship since college. He explains the mentality behind ghosting.
  • — Grande Finale: Comedian Pete Davidson and singer Ariana Grande have separated after their wild 4 to 5 month fling
  • — Smell That Guy's Breath: James Emswiller, a sound mixer, accidentally fell to his death on the set of the new Tom Hanks biopic about Mister Rogers
  • — Plaid Dickheads: Golf spectator Corine Remande was at a golf tournament when a ball hit by Brooks Koepka smashed her eye socket, exploding her eye. J.P., a golf player and Tiger Woods enthusiast, explains the art of the golf.
  • — BLAM!: A cop in India made gunshot noises to scare a criminal into submission when his pistol jammed. It worked.


J.P. McDadeJ.P. McDade

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