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2961: Jesse Doesn't Watch Your Show, Jimmy!!! w/ Jesse Joyce and Christian Finnegan

Stages of sobriety; public banter; L.A.'s Jimmy Kimmel Live! in NYC; political phone banking; long-con pranks; haunted houses and simulated rape; Jesse's 2nd child and babysitter porn; NYC's shooting-free weekend October 18, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Together Again: We have Jesse Joyce and Christian Finnegan in studio reminiscing about old times and discussing the various phases of sobriety everybody has been in
  • — Grumps: Christian and Jesse discuss the loud public banter that annoys them
  • — Fuggedaboutit!: L.A.'s Jimmy Kimmel Live! has returned to Brooklyn, NYC for 5 original shows
  • — Click: Christian is very politically active and has been phone banking
  • — Lemon Party: The gang discusses long-con pranks that they've played on one another
  • — Jekyll And Hyde: The gang discusses haunted houses including one at Ohio's Akron Fright Fest that included simulated rape on guests
  • — Santa Baby: Christian recounts doing gigs in Christmas costumes in front of respected comedians
  • — Family: Jesse is expecting his second child, a girl. The gang talk babysitter porn.
  • — The Real Haunted House: NYC went a full weekend without any reported shootings for the first time in more than 20 years
  • — Utter Madness: Jesse doesn't watch the full episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the show that he writes for

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