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2962: I Feel Handsome

Poker and being a house guest; podcast lists; Amy Schumer's 3 Girls, 1 Keith; not watching the show you write for; The Connors without Roseanne; Lindsay Lohan tries to save Syrian family not looking to be saved; Netflix cancels Marvel TV shows; Keith's girlfriend's makeover tricks; Big Bird retires; Free Willy kid actor arrested on assault charges; Blumhouse Productions and women directors; Jennifer Lawrence's hackers; supposed gun safety October 21, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Poker Face: The duo discusses weekend poker and what Chemda's like as a house guest
  • — End Of The Year Lists: Keith and Chemda were listed in Feedspot’s Top 60 Funny Comedy Podcasts You Must Listen to in 2018
  • — Parallel Thinking: The name and even the description of Amy Schumer’s new podcast 3 Girls, 1 Keith is... of note
  • — Jesse For The Win: 62% of listeners don’t think that, despite being a writer for the show, Jesse Joyce needs to watch full episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • — Written Out: ABC’s new spinoff The Connors premiered without Roseanne Barr in the cast as she was fictionally killed off by an opioid overdose
  • — Code Switching: Lindsay Lohan posted a bizarre video on her Instagram of her trying to save Syrian refugee children despite them not wanting to be saved
  • — Love When I’m Right: Netflix cancelled the superhero shows Luke Cage and Iron Fist while Daredevil begins season 3
  • — Those Crocs Aren’t Going Anywhere: Keith’s girlfriend gifted him with her (perfectly good) old couch because she got a new one. Keith and Chemda discuss if she's trying to give Keith and his place a surprise makeover.
  • — Dirtball: Chemda asks if she is a dirtball and speculates about her future dating life. Andrea Allan joins in.
  • — Bird Is The Word: After nearly 50 years on the job, Caroll Spinney is retiring from his position as the puppeteer behind Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch
  • — Busted: Ex-child actor Jason James Richter, known for his role in Free Willy, was arrested by the LAPD on suspicion of misdemeanor domestic violence
  • — LOL: Jason Blum, the founder of Blumhouse Productions, said he's trying to hire women for work but female directors are hard to find
  • — Locked Up: The men who hacked Jennifer Lawrence’s phone have all been punished by the law. Meanwhile, a former nursing-home aide who served nearly 30 years in prison for smothering 5 patients has been released.
  • — Gun Control: A 3-year-old boy accidentally shot and wounded his 2-year-old brother. Meanwhile, a 69-year-old man accidentally blasted himself with a shotgun when he tripped his own back-door booby trap while feeding squirrels.

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