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2965: Vadge w/ Sarah Tollemache

Relationship red flags; interventions; bridesmaid sacrifices; when to speak out; Norway October 24, 2018

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Show Notes

  • — Vagina: We have Sarah Tollemache in studio explaining the thought process behind the memorable name of her podcast
  • — Shitbird: Sarah is married to comedian Joe List. She recounts the beginnings of their relationship and some of the red flags that she's happy she ignored.
  • — Closet Wine: Sarah recalls her intervention with family
  • — Bridezilla: Sarah and Chemda discuss the ridiculous financial sacrifices that bridesmaids are expected to make for weddings
  • — Borderline Murderer: The gang discusses how women are often followed or threatened by men in public and don’t know when to speak out
  • — North And South: Sarah recounts her recent tour of Norway


Sarah Tollemache
Sarah Tollemache
The happy couple
The happy couple
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