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2980: Progress Not Perfection w/ Dave Hill

Sharing the show; how to properly troll and how to be human; your technology spying on you; El Chapo's trial begins; Toxic is Word of the Year; Chemda and the Comedy Cellar podcast; Hennessy's final Bottoms Up episode?; The West Wing Weekly; Bohemian Rhapsody November 16, 2018

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Show Notes

  • — Too Progressive?: Keith and The Girl listeners are nervous to share the show because they're worried their friends and co-workers can’t handle it
  • — Only 1 TV Show: We have Dave Hill in studio, who, despite his many accomplishments, feels like he has achieved nothing
  • — The Low Road: Dave artfully uses your mama jokes to (reverse?) troll Trump supporters
  • — Not Worth It: Keith was ready (and hoping) to be punched by an MTA worker, and the gang discusses how no one cares to help in the simplest ways
  • — The Microsoft Paper Clip: The gang discusses how our phones — and technology in general — are blatantly spying on us
  • — Bailing: Jurors are desperately trying to get out of serving jury duty for the the trial of El Chapo
  • — The Year Of The Shithead: The word Toxic, i.e. toxic masculinity, is the Oxford Word of the Year, while Gaslighting also made it to the shortlist
  • — Live From The Table: Chemda recounts her experience on the latest Comedy Cellar podcast
  • — A .WAV FILE?!: Hennessy sent in a recording of him explaining why he and Chemda broke up with hopes that KATG would release it on their network. Keith and Chemda are debating.
  • — The West Wing Weekly: Several listeners wrote KATG in excitement that Keith is getting into The West Wing. The West Wing may also cause Keith personal drama.
  • — Frank Mercury: Keith reviews Bohemian Rhapsody


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