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2985: Ten Seconds to Love w/ Christian Finnegan

Women's stubbornness with medicine; post-election thoughts; rape culture and music; Dwight Howard and Masin Elijé; Trump, the transgender community, and electromagnetic; anonymous man pays off strangers' Walmart layaway items; Can You Ever Forgive Me? and Melissa McCarthy November 27, 2018

Show Notes

  • — What Women Want: We have Christian Finnegan in studio discussing Keith’s theory that women, in general, are too stubborn to take medicine for temporary ailments
  • — Stand By You: Christian gives a recap of his post-election thoughts, and the gang listens to a horrible musician cover Stand by Me at a Trump rally
  • — Baby, It's Cold Outside: The gang discusses how much rape culture is ingrained in music
  • — Evolving: Trans woman Masin Elijé outed basketball player Dwight Howard after they broke up because both Howard and a pastor who works for him were threatening her with violence to stay silent
  • — Cynical And Stupid: Trump has asked the Supreme Court to fast-track the banning of trans people in the military. The gang discusses how people remain in denial on a large scale and an individual basis.
  • — Smart As Einstein: The gang listens to a clip of Trump talking to a Navy officer about alternative energy where he clearly has no understanding of the words he is saying
  • — Trying To Go Viral: An anonymous Vermont man picked up everyone's layaway tabs in a Walmart store for Christmas. The gang discusses good and bad gift-givers.
  • — Falling Into Shit: Keith loved the movie Can You Ever Forgive Me?, and Chemda and Christian get into a debate over Melissa McCarthy’s agency in what roles she takes in movies

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