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2990: Regulating Shakes w/ Janelle James and Kyle Ocasio

Keith's girlfriend upgrading his life; how Keith and Kyle fight; The Love Languages; NYC in your 20s; Keith's child disciplining techniques December 4, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Get Lit Talk Shit: We have Kyle Ocasio and Janelle James in studio with some real talk
  • — Upgrade: Keith's girlfriend Kyle is slyly redecorating his apartment with hand-me-downs
  • — Watch Your Tone: Kyle talks about how her and Keith fight, and the gang discusses The Love Languages
  • — Same Place, Same Time: Chemda, Janelle, and Kyle discuss their parallel experiences with spending their 20s in NYC
  • — Daddy's Home: Keith gives advice on how to discipline children and lets Kyle know how he'd whip that family of hers into shape

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