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3000: SHOW #3,000 w/ Adam Brown

Chemda's destroyed leg; family holiday cards; 2018's Pittsburgh Steelers; Chemda shits her pants; Keith's love of family and hate of God; Chemda's Girl Voice; Les Moonves's severed severance; Kevin Spacey's sexual assault trial and odd Frank Underwood YouTube video; Louis C.K.'s old man-style rant on the younger generation; fun with social media January 2, 2019

Show Notes

  • — The Break: We have KATG classic Adam Brown in studio celebrating episode 3,000 and catching up with Chemda’s insane leg injury
  • — That Time Of The Year: Keith roasts The Finnegans' holiday card, he cries over the destruction of the 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers, and Chemda shits her pants
  • — How ARE You?: Keith recounts his holiday family interactions and his anti-church stance
  • — Girl Voice: Chemda recounts how she had to play the stupid female to get a handicap bench set up in her shower
  • — Inside Job: An internal report from CBS has been released detailing Les Moonves's sexual assaults during his time at the network. He will not be receiving his $120,000,000 severance package.
  • — You Loved It: Amidst the beginnings of his trial for sexually assaulting an 18-year-old boy 2 years ago (which is just 1 of over 30 reported allegations), Kevin Spacey released a bizarre video on YouTube where he plays his character Frank Underwood from House of Cards
  • — Listening: The gang listens to a recording of Louis C.K.’s recent appearance at Governors' Comedy Club in Long Island where he attacks the younger generation's use of pronouns and their anti-gun protests resulting from mass shootings
  • — All Holla: Keith has been up to his tricks on social media, and he shares his recent high-traffic post about The Troops


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