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3002: Couldn’t Be Worse w/ Paul Hooper

Celibacy and positivity; unbelievable porn; abusive fathers; drunk history; 2019 Golden Globes January 7, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Quench Your Thirst: We have Paul Hooper in studio to convince Chemda not to be celibate
  • — Never Ending Pain: The gang discusses the relentless drama that Chemda faced last year, and Keith tries to understand her positivity
  • — Spank Bank: Paul can no longer masturbate to porn because he knows too much about the realities of life to suspend disbelief
  • — Custody Battles: Paul recounts his most recent holiday season with his family, and he delves into his history and relationship with his abusive father
  • — Fast And Loose: Paul discusses his wildest times from when he was drinking and using drugs, including prank calling 911
  • — Ya Kiddin' Me: The gang reviews the big winners of the 2019 Golden Globes


Paul HooperPaul Hooper

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