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3004: Is This Edible? w/ Casey James Salengo

Dabbling in sobriety; thinking no one knows you're high; the retirement of drug-sniffing dogs; the most addictive substances; Eliot Spitzer hides mistresses in luggage January 9, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Almost a Month: We have Casey James Salengo in studio, recounting how he almost made it a full month participating in Sober October
  • — Ride The Wave: Casey took an edible before the recording. The gang discusses how people pretend to keep it together on drugs while at social events.
  • — Give Them To Cops: Drug-detecting dogs are being forced to retire because of the legalization of marijuana
  • — Best Of The Worst: The gang reviews the newly published list of the the most addictive substances
  • — Potato In The Microwave: Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer smuggled his Russian mistress into the home he shared with his wife by stuffing her inside a piece of luggage

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