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3009: McJesus w/ J.P. McDade

Most Chemda the Slob Moment revisited; loving an officer while on a restraining order; licking doorbells; the state of bodegas; how to get drunk off fabrics; the crucified Ronald McDonald January 17, 2019

Show Notes

  • — KATGuh Nominee: We have J.P. McDade in studio listening to the controversial KATGuh clip that's winning the Most Chemda the Slob Moment category
  • — Who Could Have Called This?: 27-year-old Pennsylvanian Ashley Keister was caught on a surveillance camera using a large cigarette butt receptacle to smash the glass doors of the West Wyoming Police Department at 1 am to find and love the officer that arrested her for violating an order of protection obtained by a former lover
  • — Stole My Innocence: 33-year-old Californian Robert Daniel Arroyo was caught on a surveillance camera licking the doorbell of a family residence for 3 hours
  • — Deadliest Job: 32-year-old New York City-ian Jonathan Pacheco tore up a bodega when refused to be allowed to take a nap. The gang discusses the state of bodegas.
  • — Liquor Jacket: Pennsylvanian Jana Moschgat is claiming that the reason her blood alcohol count was nearly twice the legal limit when she got pulled was because she was nibbling on her coat
  • — Fried For Our Sins: A sculpture of a crucified Ronald McDonald in the Haifa Museum of Art sparked violent protests from Christians who hurled firebombs at the police protecting it


J.P. McDadeJ.P. McDade

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