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3014: 11th Annual KATGuh Award Winners w/ Hannah Boone

The 2018 KATGuh Awards Ceremony, Keith's amazing musical awareness, Chemda's new porn star friend, and how to survive a government shutdown January 27, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Never Leave The House: Without knowing that Def Leppard’s guitarist produced the new Tesla single Shock, Keith could hear it in the music. Meanwhile, Allie James XXX, Chemda’s first porn star, acknowledged Chemda and followed her back on social media.
  • — Best New Guest: Hannah Boone, Best New Guest of 2018, is here to help celebrate the 2018 winners
  • — Work Along: The gang reviews President Trump's insane plan for poor government workers to get by during the government shutdown
  • — Best Drunk: Kevin Doucet and Mark Douglas - Kevin Doucet Woos Chemda
  • — Most Chemda The Slob Moment: Andrea Allan and Bianca Brady - Chemda's Furniture Picture Part 2
  • — Best Fight: Andrea Allan - Chemda's Aggression
  • — Most Goofiest Moment: J.P. McDade and Conor Delehanty - Keith Tries to Tell a Story about Lenny Dykstra
  • — Most Ridiculous Moment: Myq Kaplan and Jessica Watkins - Keith on the Star Wars Poker Scenes
  • — Best Rant: Vicky Kuperman - Keith vs. Kentucky
  • — Best Relationship Catastrophe: Ryan Schutt - Chemda's Final Couples' Therapy Appointment
  • — Chemda's Greatest Bike Accident aka So What Happened Was: Tracey Carnazzo - Breakable: Chemda Smashes Her Face and Is Robbed
  • — Most Shocking Moment: John Murray - John's Dead Parents
  • — Best Hero without a Cape: Danny Vega - Elite Yelp Status
  • — Most Touching Moment: Andrea Allan and Emily Lubin - Andrea's Mental Health
  • — Best Listeners: D-Rex is praised for curating all of Keith and The Girl's podcast appearances
  • — Silent Trailers: The gang gives editor Henrik a shout-out for his excellent skills with KATG videos, and Matteo Lane is announced as the winner of Best Silent Trailer


Hannah BooneHannah Boone

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