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3018: Good Clean Fun

Keith's family history and his amazing singing ability; Keith's friend Richard Marx; man caught on tape faking awkward slip and fall; Super Bowl LIII and Keith's new children; Best Drunk Kevin Doucet writes in February 4, 2019

Show Notes

  • — You’ll Cry When I Die: Keith had a 2 hr. 23 min. conversation with his parents over the weekend and learned slightly more about his family history
  • — Children Of The Night: Keith is friends with singer Richard Marx via a grammar beef on Twitter
  • — Everybody Has Friends: Alexander Goldinsky of New Jersey was caught on a security camera throwing ice on the floor and then fake-slipping
  • — Super Bowl LIII: The gang gives the rundown of Keith’s Super Bowl party, the game, Maroon 5, the bets, and the meeting of Keith's new children. Andrea Allan comes on mic to discuss the atmosphere while high on edibles.
  • — KATGuh All-Star: We read an email from Best Drunk winner Kevin Doucet explaining his phone call nervousness

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