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3022: The Flying V w/ Kerryn Feehan

The American Meme; Kerryn's sex and dating life; Ellen Page vs. Chris Pratt; New York Post and SNL; Viggo Mortensen, Liam Neeson, and black people; Virginia's blackface problem and the KKK in Keith's hometown; Keith vs. The Ballet; Valentine's Day; Delta and Coca-Cola's intrusive marketing campaign; throwing out wedding mementos; a dating app based on your refrigerator; YOU; ridiculous pornography February 10, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Pound Town: We have Kerryn Feehan in studio discussing social media, The American Meme, and joke thievery
  • — Slavery Play: Kerryn gives us an update on her sex life and the heckler whom she slept with
  • — Ellen RAMPage: Actress Ellen Page publicly called out Chris Pratt for attending Hillsong Church, an infamously anti-LGBTQ church
  • — Poking Fun: The New York Post covered the Saturday Night Live sketch that mocked their ridiculous pun titles, specifically the story of Amazon's Jeff Bezos getting extorted by National Enquirer owner David Pecker
  • — Touch Of Nuts: The gang discusses Viggo Mortensen's use of the N-word and Liam Neeson's urge to kill a black bastard
  • — Stop Being Surprised: Virginia's governor and attorney general have been caught having previously worn blackface. Meanwhile, in Keith’s hometown of Somerset, PA, the KKK has been leaving flyers on people’s driveways in an effort to recruit.
  • — 69th Position: Keith recounts his second trip to the ballet
  • — Sex Giving: The gang discusses the protocols for Valentine's Day
  • — Mile High Surprise: Delta and Coca Cola issued an apology after their marketing campaign encouraging passengers to hit on each other by writing on napkins wasn’t well-received
  • — Worth This Blender: Keith is finally throwing out his marriage mementos, including cards and the wedding time capsule. Chemda has been getting rid of framed photos of her and her ex.
  • — Refrigerdating: Samsung launched a dating app that matches people based on the content of their fridges. Chemda thinks of a dating app idea based on the music you stream.
  • — Documentary: Keith finished the impractical TV show YOU
  • — Ropes On Her Face: The gang discusses ridiculous pornography


Kerryn FeehanKerryn Feehan

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