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3026: The Adams Family

The Rise of David Assman; Keith, Chemda, and Valentine's Day; Keith, Chuck E. Cheese's, and the new kids; puppies eating sex toys and road rage against an ex; Aunt Chemda's nephew; Dina Lohan to marry complete stranger; Robert De Niro's meltdown; Alita: Battle Angel and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part reviewed; Michelle Rodriguez defends Liam Neeson's racism; Empire's Jussie Smollett's seemingly made up hate crime; Ryan Adams' underage sexting and abusive behavior; Anthony Weiner out of jail February 18, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Double Down: Keith and Chemda are in studio getting an update on David Assman’s stance against the government for not allowing him to have his last name on his license plate
  • — St. Valentine: Keith and Chemda recount their Valentine's Day activities and gift exchanges
  • — She’s On It: Keith recounts his trip to Chuck E. Cheese's with his girlfriend and her children
  • — This Made The News: British woman Jenna Crosier accidentally accepted a neighbor's package when the neighbor wasn't home but then her puppy ripped it apart and chewed on what was inside: a sex toy. Another British woman, Julie, was involved in a road rage fight and realized partway through it that the other driver was her ex-husband who she hadn’t seen in 20 years.
  • — Auntie Chemda: Handicapable Chemda went to Long Island to spend time with her very active nephew Max
  • — Celebrities Do The Darndest Things: Dina Lohan revealed to her Celebrity Big Brother roommates that she has been in a 5-year relationship with — and plans to marry — a man whom she has never met in person. Meanwhile, Robert De Niro had a hissy fit outside of the Manhattan courthouse because his driver wasn’t showing up at the right place while paparazzi were bothering him.
  • — Whacking Off In Row 3: Keith discusses Alita: Battle Angel and reviews The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part
  • — Hate-Fucking: Michelle Rodriguez defended Liam Neeson's seemingly racist past by saying he can't be racist based on the deep tongue-kissing he gave Viola Davis in Widows
  • — MAGA Country: New information has surfaced in the investigation of the dubious hate crime committed against Empire's Jussie Smollett
  • — Oops Where’s This Gonna Go: The New York Times came out with details of singer/songwriter Ryan Adams abusive, manipulative, and underage-sexting past, which includes Mandy Moore and a 14-year-old girl. Keith explains the difference between Ryan Adams and Bryan Adams.
  • — Hard Time: Pedophile Anthony Weiner is out of jail after serving 15 months of his 21-month sentence for sexting a 15-year-old girl

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