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3037: Weird but True w/ Andrea Allan

The richest cities; the hipster look; Behind the Curve flat earther documentary reviewed; delivery man dips testicles in customer's salsa; the problem with guns; Jussie Smollet indicted on 16 felony counts March 13, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Back To You, Joanne: We have Andrea Allan in studio discussing living amongst the richest people in the world in New York City and what it’s like compared to other megacities
  • — All Look Same: A young white male complained to the MIT Technology Review demanding they remove his photo from an article claiming all hipsters look alike. It turned out the photo wasn't actually of him.
  • — Behind The Curve: Keith reviews the documentary about flat earthers
  • — Tainted: A Tennesse man was jailed after he recorded and posted a video online of him dipping his testicles into a container of salsa that he was delivering to a customer. The gang discusses Keith’s old pranks using his bodily fluids.
  • — Attempted Slay: West Virginian Cathy Elder reportedly mistook her husband for an intruder and fatally shot him at 4 am. 46-year-old Indiana man Mark Anthony Jones accidentally shot himself in the crotch when he put his gun in the waistband of his pants. 47-year-old Florida woman Lorie Morin got angry at her boyfriend for snoring and blasted him with a shotgun in the armpit. 38-year-old California man Cuong Pham tried to light his neighbor's house on fire, his excuse being that he was trying to kill a ghost.
  • — Empire: Jussie Smollett was indicted on 16 felony counts by a grand jury in Chicago for staging a fake hate crime against himself


Andrea AllanAndrea Allan

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