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3040: We Report, And Decide

How to impress your lover; hiring a cleaner; Drunk News; The Catholic Church vs. SNL; school bus driver yells at MAGA hat wearer; MySpace's 50 million lost songs March 18, 2019

Show Notes

  • — The Bar Is Low: We have Keith explaining to Chemda how he spoiled his girlfriend Kyle upon her return from performing stand-up in Kuwait
  • — White Guilt: Keith hired a cleaner for his apartment, and he felt guilty about the cleaner being African American
  • — Drunk News: 50-year-old Connecticut woman Stefanie Warner-Grise was caught asleep at the wheel. She was drunk on vanilla extract. Also, 44-year-old Pennsylvanian Daniel Sober was charged with a DWI for driving with his blood alcohol twice the legal limit.
  • — Huh?: The Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn is demanding an apology from SNL’s Pete Davidson after he compared them to R. Kelly on Weekend Update
  • — Go Passive Aggressive: A Florida bus driver was caught on tape yelling at 14-year-old student Gunnar Johansson for wearing a MAGA hat on the bus
  • — Hmmm: MySpace claimed that they lost over 50,000,000 songs from 14,000,000 artists after migrating their content from its first 12 years from one server to another

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