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3218: 12th Annual KATGuh Awards

The 2019 KATGuh Award Nominations January 17, 2020

Show Notes

  • — Most Ridiculous Moment: JC Best - The N-word during sex; Calvin Cato - Calvin Fails at Celibacy; Andrea Allan - The Burger King Story from Father Malley’s Book; Calvin Cato - Chemda Gets Cards; Chemda - Chemda and Xerxes Will Be Polyamorous; Keith - Elisabeth Hasselbeck Doesn’t Swear; John F. O'Donnell - JFOD’s Goofygrapes; Andrea Allan - Andrea Wants Keith to Feel
  • — Best Fight: Tracey Carnazzo - The Birthday Burger; Andrew Casertano - Andrea Fires Chemda; Billy Procida - Billy Loses His Prostitution Gig; Billy Procida - Billy’s Secret Blow Job Game
  • — Most Shocking: Ashley Brooke Roberts - Chemda’s Nice Scarf; Chemda - Chemda’s Wet Spot; Troy Alan - Troy’s Pedophile Dad; Chris Distefano - Chris Gets Face-Fucked; Mara Marek Mara Gets Cheated On; Bianca Brady - Bianca’s Cancer Announcement; Carmen Lynch - Keith vs. Rite Aid; JC Best - JC Defends His Mom’s Rapist
  • — Best Rant: Justin Smith - Don’t Reply ‘Maybe’; Bianca Brady - We’re All Proud of Keith; Keith - Foreign Action Film Actors Die on Screen; Bianca Brady - Lorne Michaels’s meltdown
  • — Goofiest Moment: Tracey Carnazzo - Chemda’s Dirty Mouth; Joe Pontillo - Keith’s Dad Wants Keith’s Kid to Kill Keith; Andrea Allan - Andrea Fucks Snakes; Keith - Barbara Walters Tell Everyone, Including Herself, to Calm Down; Chelsea White - The Hustlers Discussion; Myq Kaplan - The Text Reveal; Andrea Allan - Chemda’s Cold Cuts Trick; Jesse Joyce - The Fake Orgasm Symphony
  • — Best Impression: Keith as Sebastian Maniscalco; Chris Hauselt as Stephen Murphy; Bianca Brady as David Attenborough
  • — Best Drunk: Casey James Salengo and Courtney Maginnis - 2 Days Sober; Chelsea White - Chelsea’s Drunk Tattoos; Ali Clayton and Melody Kamali - Ali’s Rock Bottom
  • — Best Original Song: B. Jason Ouellette - NotCat’s in My Email; Dylan Adler - Hamilton vs. Michael Bublé and 1,000 Chodes; B. Jason Ouellette - Eighty-Six (The Jingling Libido Song); Bianca Brady - Bianca’s Outro Song; Keith - Keith’s Version of Cat’s in the Cradle
  • — Best Ad Read: Casey James Salengo - Sleep Number; Sam Evans and Carmen Lagala - Rothy’s Shoes; Andrea Allan - Best Fiends; Dan Hartley - Quip
  • — Best New Guest: Will Winner; Patrick Schroeder; Joe DeVito; Wil Cope; Dylan Adler; JC Best; Rachel McCartney; Hannah Berner; Shuli Egar; Tristan Miller


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