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3461: The Guilty

After a week of tearing down statues in honor of indigenous people, Keith and Chemda return to discuss … everything. KATG covers the lies of Jake Gyllenhaal, talks about Dave Chappelle vs. Hannah Gadsby, and reviews Netflix’s Midnight Mass, YOU season 3, 365 Days, and Squid Game. The duo shares the news of the passing of Colin Powell who died of blood cancer mixed with COVID. Also, they show schools that demand that you to stay home if you ARE vaccinated as well as schools wanting to teach the “opposing perspective” of the Holocaust. In funner news, Keith guested on his first ever in-person podcast since COVID. Oh, and the multimillion-dollar chili recipe? WE HAVE IT! October 18, 2021

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Show Notes

  • — Jake Gyllenhaal tried to make us think The Guilty was something original that he created
  • — Dave Chappelle vs. Hannah Gadsby
  • — Netflix’s Midnight Mass
  • — Colin Powell’s death
  • — YOU season 3
  • — Netflix’s 365 Days
  • — Backward schools want you to stay home if you ARE vaccinated and would like to show the “opposing perspective” of the Holocaust
  • — Keith’s first in-person podcast since COVID

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