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3466: The Metaverse

After sharing a tale of an airplane dropping raw toilet waste on a man sitting in his backyard, Keith and Chemda share their childhood experiences in school, work, and within their families. The duo also discusses One Direction’s Zayn Malik striking his girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s mom as well as abusers’ tricks. HOT SOUP: Facebook changes its name to Meta! Also, Keith discusses 007’s No Time to Die and the gravitas of cool action heroes. October 29, 2021

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Show Notes

  • — Airplane drops raw toilet waste on man sitting in his backyard
  • — Kids and adults working together: school, work, and family
  • — One Direction’s Zayn Malik struck his girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s mom
  • — Facebook changed its name to Meta
  • — 007’s No Time to Die review

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