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3521: Vessel for Love - Part 2 w/ Tom Delgado

Former lawyer and current comedian Tom Delgado joins Keith and The Girl to cover the fallout of the infamous Will Smith Oscar Slap including attorneys citing The Will Smith Defense in violent crimes, the majority of Americans blaming Chris Rock, Jada and Will Smith’s Instagram announcements, Chris Rock’s ticket sales, and the Academy Awards conducting an official review of what they aired on TV. (Hopefully they recorded it.) March 30, 2022

Show Notes

  • — The Will Smith Criminal Defense
  • — The majority of Americans blame Chris Rock
  • — Will Smith’s mom in shock
  • — Shooter Alec Baldwin condemns Will Smith’s slap
  • — Jada and Will Smith’s Instagram announcements
  • — Chris Rock’s tickets spike from $46 minimum to $341 minimum
  • — The Academy Awards to conduct an official review of what they aired on TV


Tom DelgadoTom Delgado

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