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3530: Just a Perfect Day

Oh, such a perfect day. Keith and Chemda reminisce on the Washington Square Park rendezvous with The Morrows, they follow up on the stories regarding Mike Tyson and Bill Murray’s violent behaviors, and Keith shares the latest back and forths with his father which, to Keith’s happiness, was shared with Keith’s siblings in real time. April 25, 2022

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Show Notes

  • — Black Beans: The new paper shredder
  • — KATG and The Black Guy Who Tips at Washington Square Park
  • — AirPods used to track Russian troops
  • — Mike Tyson’s out of the ring violence
  • — Bill Murray’s violent past and touchy misbehavior
  • — Keith and his dad in all new family emails
  • — Listener Brent Meyer hates Keith outing his father and Keith guesses as to why


Brent Brent Brent ...
Brent Brent Brent ...
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