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3540: Hollywood Vampires and the Silver Screen

Today Keith and Chemda discuss GrubHub’s catastrophic free food offer to New Yorkers and America reaching over 1,000,000 COVID deaths. The duo dissects audio from one of The Flash’s Ezra Miller’s multiple arrests, and Amber Heard denies that she shat on Johnny Depp’s bed. Selma Blair has a propensity to bite celebrities whom she admires, and Coldplay would like your help to power their concerts. May 18, 2022

Show Notes

  • — GrubHub offers New Yorkers $15 in free food for 3 hours without warning restaurants ahead of time
  • — WE DID IT! Over 1,000,000 COVID deaths in the United States
  • — The Flash’s Ezra Miller’s violence, arrests, and audio from a Hawaii arrest
  • — Amber Heard denies that she shat in Johnny Depp’s bed
  • — Selma Blair’s propensity to bite celebrities she admires
  • — Coldplay wants you to help power their concerts

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