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3542: In My Feelings w/ Myka Fox

Keith and Chemda read your KATG reviews and cover your P.O. Box mail. Myka Fox joins the group to discuss romance and love bombing, dealing with tinnitus, and her recent … mugging? NYC just had its fourth subway homicide in 2022, the last NYC public payphone will be removed, and Keith reviews the horror movie Men. Place your bets. May 23, 2022

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Show Notes

  • — KATG Reviews and P.O. Box letters
  • — Romance and love bombing
  • — SNL’s Weekend Update
  • — Myka’s tinnitus
  • — Myka’s … mugging?
  • — The Q Train: NYC’s fourth subway homicide in 2022
  • — The last NYC public payphone removed
  • — The horror movie Men


Myka FoxMyka Fox


Keith's birthday truck nuts from Ryan
Keith's birthday truck nuts from Ryan

Men's writer/director Alex Garland
Men's writer/director Alex Garland

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