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3561: The Rehearsal w/ Atheer Yacoub

Atheer Yacoub returns to KATG as the group discusses her family, her lover, and the state of the world: guns, hate, and vacuum cleaner fucking. July 18, 2022

Show Notes

  • — Gunman opens fire inside North Carolina’s The Comedy Zone
  • — Love, family, and reiki
  • — Keith’s new idea for his dad’s obituary
  • — The perfect flower shop
  • — Dunkin’ Donuts’s free coffee for White residents
  • — Keith reviews Nathan Fielder’s The Rehearsal
  • — Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s humble Elvis-themed Las Vegas wedding
  • — Senator Ted Cruz seconds Judge Clarence Thomas’s views that the U.S. shouldn’t federally protect gay marriage
  • — English pastor caught cross-dressing while “thrusting” a vacuum cleaner


Atheer YacoubAtheer Yacoub

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