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3573: Tony Pizza w/ Danny Vega

Danny Vega joins us along with his usual group of assholes, and Keith and Chemda help break it all down. They got pants-shitting, Trump’s stolen classified records, annoying nicknames, what it means to be a child, and the rules to ruining a good time. Enjoy! August 15, 2022

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Show Notes

  • — Danny Vega shat his pants
  • — Donald Trump’s stolen classified records
  • — Deshaun Watson’s 6-game suspension for dozens of sexual assaults over the course of 1 year
  • — AITA: Boyfriend insists on calling his female partner Tony Pizza for no discernible reason
  • — AITA: Parents vs. the 21-year-old child over paying for her Masters degree
  • — AITA: Bachelorette party didn’t go the way the bride wanted


Why Danny Vega shat himself
Why Danny Vega shat himself
Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Accused multiple rapist Deshaun Watson
Accused multiple rapist Deshaun Watson
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