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3614: St. Malley

The Pope, Barbara Walters, and St. Kathryn are all gathered around as Keith and Chemda discuss everything that happened over the holidays, from Donald Trump’s NFTs to Bill Cosby’s new stand-up tour to Greta Thunberg arresting Andrew Tate for rape. January 2, 2023

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Show Notes

  • — Corey Feldman, Comeback King
  • — Keith’s dad informs the family that Keith’s mom is a Saint
  • — Another hateful Pope dies
  • — Codifying law and Donald Trump’s NFTs
  • — Barbara Walters, RIP
  • — Will Smith’s Emancipation and Chris Rock’s Selective Outrage
  • — Bill Cosby’s return to stand-up (as more drugging and raping accusations come in)
  • — Elon Musk, Dave Chappelle, and What the fuck is going on?!
  • — Andrew Tate: internet provocateur, sex-trafficking rapist

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