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3635: O.P.P.: Other People’s Phalluses

Keith and Chemda discuss pit bulls, comedians killing the old-fashioned way, and used sex toys. February 27, 2023

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Show Notes

  • — Pit bulls!!!
  • — Comedian Marcos Cofresi’s subway shooting
  • — Dilbert creator Scott Adams’ racist ramblings
  • — Neighbors try to kill couple by offering them two poisoned cookies
  • — Being disrespected while going through a divorce
  • — 18-year-old boy upset at 13-year-old girls making fun of him
  • — Teenager questions if she’s being groomed
  • — Is it weird to use sex toys used by someone else?
  • — SAG Awards honors Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • — Chemda reviews 2014’s Whiplash


Lily Norton, pit bull victim
Lily Norton, pit bull victim
Funnyman Marcos (aka Leo) Cofresi
Funnyman Marcos (aka Leo) Cofresi
Scott Adams, Dilbert
Scott Adams, Dilbert

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