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3687: Sealioning w/ Christian Finnegan

Christian Finnegan has been on Keith and The Girl over 50 times, and he roasts Keith like only a true friend can. What a blessing! The gang discusses Christian’s year of sobriety, Madonna’s ICU visit, her new head, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson daring you to call him ‘cis’ to his face, and Jonathan Majors winning his domestic abuse court appearance. June 29, 2023

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Show Notes

  • — Iceland and driving etiquette
  • — Christian Finnegan’s year of sobriety
  • — The Cure and Tears for Fears
  • — Madonna and the art of new heads
  • — Dr. Jordan B. Peterson DARES you to call him ‘cis’ to his face
  • — OceanGate’s Titan debris is ashore
  • — Jonathan Majors wins his domestic abuse court appearance



Dr. Jordan B. Peterson
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors
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