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3739: Just Smart Enough w/ Chuck Nice

StarTalk’s Chuck Nice joins KATG for the first time and talks about the scariness of space and the intellectual depths of scientists such as Neil deGrasse Tyson. The trio also discusses Israel, Palestine, and Hamas as well as America's new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and his son being pornography accountability buddies. Also, Keith recalls calling up The Radio Chick to be part of Survivor: Harlem, and he reminds you how to win Daylight Saving Time. November 6, 2023

Show Notes

  • — StarTalk, space, and celebrating ignorance
  • — Israel, Palestine, and Hamas
  • — The science behind No Nut November
  • — When Keith called The Radio Chick to to be part of Survivor: Harlem
  • — The alt-right; Israel, Palestine, and Hamas revisited; Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and his son are porn accountability buddies
  • — How to win Daylight Saving Time w/ Jesse Joyce


Chuck NiceChuck Nice

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