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3807: Curb Your Enthusiasm w/ Ellie Hino

THE FIRST NEW GUEST TO KATG IN THIS BRAND NEW WORLD! Ellie Hino helps Keith recognize that, yeah, life is a little insane. Iris Bahr shouted out Chemda on the Curb Your Enthusiasm finale! Keith internally freaked the fuck out at Katharine Heller’s show The Infinite Wrench! You’ll learn how to be more important to your spouse than their new child! (Spoiler: have sex with your spouse.) And then other stuff: ADHD, bisexuality, THE MASTERS, etc. April 10, 2024

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Show Notes

  • — Keith’s new iPhone
  • — Iris Bahr shouts out Chemda in the Curb Your Enthusiasm finale
  • — Keith freaks out at Katharine Heller’s The Infinite Wrench
  • — How to be better to your wife than your child
  • — Giving massages in hospice feat. powdering breasts
  • — Being diagnosed with ADHD
  • — Bisexuality, break-ups, and THE MASTERS


Ellie HinoEllie Hino
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