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3825: Positive Touchpoints w/ Abbi Crutchfield

The beloved Abbi Crutchfield returns to talk to Keith about the right way to interact with his lover’s 7-year-old, couples podcast fights, Lenny Kravitz claiming to be celibate for 9 years, and a new male birth control gel. June 4, 2024

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Show Notes

  • — The practicality of life hacks
  • — Keith and the 7-year-old
  • — Couples podcasts and fighting
  • — Mom debates about having a fourth child so she can continue to breastfeed her husband
  • — Old sexist game shows
  • — Abbi Crutchfeild’s ADHD diagnosis
  • — Lenny Kravitz claims he’s been celibate for 9 years, Ice -T calls it “weirdo shit”
  • — A male birth control gel
  • — Singer admits dosing bandmate with estrogen in an attempt to steal his fiancée
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