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The Dad Emails

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This is it – in order of their release – the year-long saga of the ultimate Cat-fishing, a collection of Keith and The Girl clips that feature 36 entertainers that join hosts Keith and Chemda as they uncover the seedy side of Malley secrets through the endless reveals of jaw-dropping family emails.

The Feeble Minds episode features listener favorites Bianca Brady and Andrea Allan joining forces to present book reports on Father Malley’s 2 religious works, The Christmas Fire Star – The Exciting 35-Year Adventures of the 3 Wise Men, and the follow-up, Breaking … the True Code – Daniel 9 – The God Prophecy.

NOW AVAILABLE: The Dad Emails book – paperback and Kindle


Man on the Moon – Part 1

w/ Rojo Perez, Tone Bell, Paul Hooper, Mike Cannon, Kyle Ocasio, Shuli Egar, Matt Bachus, Christian Finnegan, Mike Coscarelli, Shelton Lindsay, Robin Virginie, Graham Elwood, Ron Placone, and Periel Aschenbrand


Man on the Moon – Part 2

w/ Lucas Connelly, Andrea Allan, Calvin Cato, Lucie Pohl, Carrie Gravenson, and Katharine Heller


Feeble Minds

The Book Reports w/ Bianca Brady and Andrea Allan


Man on the Moon – Part 3

w/ Liz Miele, Connor Creagan, Shannon Noll, Alia Janine, Tristan Miller, Luisa Díez, Jake Flores, and Matt Bachus


Man on the Moon – Part 4

w/ Myq Kaplan, Andrea Allan, Lucas Connolly, Michael Khalili, Christian Finnegan, Paul Hooper, and Shelton Lindsay


Man on the Moon – Part 5

w/ Dave Hill, Chris Gersbeck, Jake Flores, Alex Ptak, Kyle Thompson, and Laura Regan


Courtesy KATG Forums member Jay86 and God Himself, here is the 4-minute video: Father Adolf Malley


From musical genius B. Jason Ouellette and mastermind improv rapper Chris Turner:

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