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3139: Man on the Moon - Part 2 w/ Lucas Connelly, Andrea Allan, Calvin Cato, Lucie Pohl, Carrie Gravenson, and Katharine Heller

Welcome to the second part of our 2-part series: Cat’s Cradle - Season 1. This is a collection of KATG clips covering the ultimate Cat-fishing. In this final part of the series, 6 more entertainers join Keith and Chemda as the hosts realize that making an old man’s libido jingle was only the beginning. August 23, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Lucas Connelly and Andrea Allan: The gang discusses Keith’s father’s personality: how it has never been different to Keith, how Dad’s so-called pious behavior always needed to cause drama to fix drama; and, who else is Dad playing this psychosis out on? Keith’s mom? (Spoiler: Yes.) Also: Dad’s next email following the Libido Jingle email is sent to Real Keith: “How’s life treating my beloved son? Hope all is going well with you.” Keith discusses how his siblings kept him sane. We hear how others have reacted to meeting Pops. He does everything and is nothing.
  • — Calvin Cato: Dad and Real Keith begin their email exchange. Dad brings up the Cat’s in the Cradle song to Keith. Meanwhile, we read about Dad’s “shows” of 22 years. The gang tries to figure out the math. Regardling sexual tinglings, Fake Cat writes back, “Well it sounds like you’ve been thinking the same thoughts.” Dad has to let Cat down as he's not ready to commit. “She has been a very fine wife to me.”
  • — The Hosts: Keith and Chemda find out the truth behind the conversation with the father-in-laws at Keith’s wedding. The cat is indeed in the cradle. KATG favorite B. Jason submits his version: NotCat’s in my Email. Keith demands to know the timeline of Dad’s life. “Actually I just realized that it was far more than 22 years.” FUCK YOU, REAGAN! Dad explains always being sucked back into The Business, and Keith remembers the different jobs that he witnessed Dad lasting a literal day in.
  • — Lucie Pohl: Dad has another supposed death scare. Luckily, he stays alive to tease Keith that he knows a big secret about Keith's ex-wife. Dad explains to Keith that his extended family and where he came from may be complicated, but he did not make it so. And something about college and the seminary. He gives one more warning: Be careful the direction in which your actions are leading you. The odds are very good that you will end up arriving at the destination that your actions are leading you.
  • — Carrie Gravenson: Dad explains how his religious classes, which he’s offered, would have saved Keith’s past relationships.
  • — Katharine Heller: With Dad’s email explaining the importance of even oxen, the ignorance of vulgarity, and Keith’s future trip to Hades, Cat’s Cradle - Season 1 has reached its end.

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