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Carmen Lynch

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KATG 1304: Lie to Me

I have my hands down my pants! What's the law? December 8, 2010

Show Notes

  • — Faking It: Pat Dixon gets along with his parents okay because no one talks to each other about anything important
  • — Misdirected Concern: Chemda's parents don't care that she has a book out, and Keith's parents think he can't pay for his phone bill
  • — Sacrifice: Why is it so hard for our parents to understand that we do what we want?
  • — Can You Get Pregnant From Butt Sex?: Carmen Lynch and Pat aren't looking for kids any time soon
  • — Kid’s Bed: Keith and Cat will be staying in the same bed in Ireland, but Pat and Carmen lost their bed privileges
  • — Thin Walls: Pat and Carmen can hear their neighbor having sex
  • — What’s The Point?: A mall Santa gets in trouble for telling a dirty joke to a couple
  • — Asking For It: Pat rides the train with a bunch of scantily clad women who were offended that he glanced at them
  • — Look At His Face: Keith's nerves get rattled when someone reads his book aloud to him
  • — Ethnic: Carmen's parents don't like Pat, but Jesus told them not to
  • — Wouldn’t You Want To Know?: Why don't parents care about what their kids are doing creatively?
  • — Mr. Romance: Pat finds a diamond ring in a parking lot and uses it to propose to his wife
  • — America’s Doctor: Dr. Phil says that men lie 6 times a day to their partners, twice as much as women
  • — Yay!: Pat can't get excited enough for Carmen's success and has to pretend
  • — Star Whackers: Randy and Evi Quaid are writing a book about being on the run from the people that are out to kill them for being celebrities
  • — Throwing The Book At Her: A woman goes to jail for not returning library books she claimed where destroyed in a house fire
  • — 101: The oldest inmate in New York has passed away
  • — On The Counter: Chemda leaves her stuff lying around in public, and so do a lot of other people
  • — Sundae!: A truck carrying chocolate syrup crashes into a man's mobile home, followed by a truck of whipped cream nine years later
  • — Train Wreck of a Man: Michael Lohan just can't deal when it comes to talking about the night he conceived Lindsay
  • — The Great American Novel: All of Keith's stories about his dad are real

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