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Pat Dixon

KATG guest then outed sexual predator, known for his appearances on Best Week Ever
Pat Dixon has been on 44 shows

KATG 1934: 2014 38-Hour Marathon: The Beginning

with Mark Douglas, Jesse Joyce, Pat Dixon, Dan Soder, Ted Alexandro, and Matteo Lane March 4, 2014

Show Notes

  • — White People All Look The Same: Mark Douglas swears he saw Keith jogging in the neighborhood even though Keith denies it
  • — The Key Of Awesome: Mark met Barack Obama as part of a roundtable discussion with famous YouTubers
  • — A True Professional: Jesse Joyce takes umbrage with the fact that Danny Hatch asked him for talking points before the marathon
  • — That Shit’s Corny: Does everyone masturbate?
  • — Is It That Hard To Get In There?: Mark almost lost his virginity in his car when he was 18 before he was interrupted by a creep
  • — You’re Shit Out Of Luck: Mark plays himself off of the Marathon
  • — The Accidental Misogynist: Pat Dixon discusses the fallout of his Woody Allen debate on KATG Episode and asks if he’s really a misogynist
  • — At Least Call In: Rich Vos calls into the show to wish KATG a happy Marathon
  • — High School Never Ends: Dan Soder joins the gang to discuss the social hierarchy of The Comedy Cellar’s tables
  • — It’s Your Lucky Day: Dan did mushrooms when he was 16 and got pulled over by a cop
  • — The Green Room: Lauren Hennessy joins the gang to discuss drug advocacy
  • — Occupy Conan: Ted Alexandro gave Keith some insider betting information about his Conan set before it aired
  • — Hollyweird Is Hard Enough: The gang discusses celebrities who ruin themselves with makeup and plastic surgery
  • — The Notorious D.A.N.: Dan comes clean about his official stance on Eli Manning’s fake memorabilia
  • — That Was A Coincidence: Dan and Ted ran into each other in separate cabs outside of La Guardia airport
  • — Gay Voice: Inspired by his set on Conan, Ted and Matteo Lane talk about how pleasant gay people are

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