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957: Enjoy Yourself

I can't explain my disease. May 12, 2009

Show Notes

  • — KATG Tattoo #35: What has that bitch wife ever done for you?
  • — One Man Show: You can sit down and read, how can you blow it?
  • — Horror Icons: Then I WISH for you to kill me!
  • — Tiptoes: Gary Oldman stars in the role of a lifetime - a computerized midget
  • — The Science of Wolverine: How does he stop aging? Answer me, you drunks
  • — The KFC Debacle: Oprah should know people are animals
  • — You're Dumb: I can't help it if I was born stupid, why are you judging?
  • — I Don't Believe in You: There are just people roaming the Earth believing in ghosts
  • — Belligerence: When I get drunk I get strangely violent
  • — Tending Bar: There is no polite social drinking at 4 am
  • — Dating M. Dickson: Don't waste your money
  • — You Don't Understand Humanity: Oprah Winfrey takes back harsh beatdown from James Frey
  • — Family Circle Jerks: Go to school, do your homework, why you gotta be masturbating all over the place?


M. DicksonM. Dickson

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