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995: Boom Boom Boom

Is this against the law if your baby like looks over here for a second? July 2, 2009

Show Notes

  • — Ear Wax: Set your ear on fire and suck the wax out with a vacuum
  • — Your Fans: Everyone can see the Internet, you underage dumb fucks
  • — McDonalds Hotline: You never smoked a little pot where McDonalds IS life and death?
  • — Never Forget FFC: You used to be a chubby mess and your boyfriend didn't fuck you
  • — Fire Jenga: Did the baby come out well done?
  • — No Boys, No Toys: I'm a lady keep your fingers to yourself cause I might want a sandwich later
  • — The Hypocrite Ninja: Tying up your dick counts as jerking off, David Carradine
  • — Is This Real Life?: You die and came back as a fat lawyer and Paula Abdul is a judge
  • — Jurassic Pork: Somebody fell down and gravy poured out. It was sour patch kids, actually
  • — NYC Prep: I want to watch 8-year-olds and hear their problems. Tyler needs a nap
  • — Hit Man 2: This is going to be based on Hit Man 5 the video game
  • — Asteroids: Can you picture a movie where the main guy is a triangle and he shoots circles?
  • — Bank of Mom and Dad: Your parents give you a financial makeover
  • — Alienation: They drink sour milk to get crunked, fascinating!
  • — Domestic Violence: Bitch, I'm coming up the stairs even if I have to go sideways
  • — Roddy Piper: He's having a tough time, his daughter is dating Marilyn Manson
  • — Andre the Giant: He died of being retarded. He had too-tallism
  • — The Rash: It's like when a tricycle hangs out with a motorcycle, this will not end well

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