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1021: Brillo Pad Lovin'

Keith is belittling someone after he talked about tearing his dick with a Brillo Pad. August 12, 2009

Show Notes

  • — Free For All: Anything for a buck! If you cared about your fans you would come perform in our homes.
  • — Date Some Brolo: Brother Love is the dude from Momento, he has ADD-DDDDD
  • — Joker Smile: Myka is doing it in front of a computer cam, so the only response she has is Keith being an asshole
  • — An Ovary Thing: The first time I was at a strip club I cried because a guy was trying to shove a dollar bill up a girl's ass
  • — Your Fans: This guy just made up a scenario and now he's mad at me, nothing happened yet!
  • — Who You Typin'?: We need an asshole alert, I've been typing to no one for 5 minutes
  • — Commodore 69: There's blocks pixelated of a dick you have to jerk off in computer class
  • — The Heart Wants What It Wants: Can we move to another table because the child bouncing on his father's lap is exciting me
  • — The Exorcism Of A Jew: You're poking my uterus! I'm saving this piece right here for you!
  • — Gradient Underwear: The only thing smarter than brown underwear, is if it started yellow in the front and became brown in the back
  • — Ask Upstate NY: What cures a broken heart? Booze, a lot of booze...
  • — Cock Scrub: You ever jerk off so much you tear your dick apart? No?
  • — 7-Year Itch: It happens to every couple, you start to hate the way they chew, then every meal you want to kill them
  • — Extra Cheese: I've jerked off in the bathroom at every job I've ever had
  • — Flesh Gordon: You know what I haven't spoken about in a while Ladies and Gentleman? Plastic cock.
  • — Wackos: When she fucks herself it's 8-10 hours and she's breaking her spine


Matt BMatt B

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